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When to Develop a Mobile-First Strategy for Your E-Commerce Website


Developing a mobile-friendly website is a no-brainer when more than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. But how much time and energy should you spend on perfecting a mobile-first strategy and optimizing the mobile version of your e-commerce website? This decision depends on a few key factors, including:

  • Customer personas
  • User experience
  • Website data and trends

Learn more about each of these factors that determine the necessity of a mobile-first strategy for e-commerce websites below.


A customer persona, or user persona, is a representation of your target customers. It includes both demographic and psychographic information about who they are and what motivates them. Developing fictional personas helps ensure you craft messaging and make other marketing decisions to reach these groups effectively. Determine whether your user personas are using mobile devices when purchasing goods and services online. If they are, a mobile-first strategy is critical to the success of your e-commerce website strategy. For instance, if one of your personas is a working millennial looking to purchase their first home, a mobile site is critical to your success because this younger generation spends significantly more time online via mobile than their parents.


The user experience also plays a strategic role in whether or not to adopt a mobile-first strategy during your e-commerce website development. Consider the main objectives for your website and the process of completing a sale from a user’s perspective. Investing in a mobile-first website design or mobile-first strategy may make more sense if the checkout process is relatively simple. More complicated forms and a lengthy checkout process, however, are often easier and more natural for users to complete on a desktop computer.


Focusing on your e-commerce website data and current user trends is a smart way to guide your digital marketing decisions. Start by assessing your overall website traffic, traffic filtered by devices, and your audience demographics. If a large percentage of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices, you’ll want to focus on optimizing the mobile version of your website to accommodate these devices. Think about navigation, menu structure, font size and style, and other elements that may influence the usability of your site from a mobile device so the purchasing process is smooth and easy.

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