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Common Marketing Pitfalls (and How Sortis Can Help)

Make sure you’re set up for success with the right marketing plan.

Businesses face numerous challenges that can hinder their marketing progress and impact their bottom line. Recognizing and avoiding common pitfalls is crucial for any team aiming to develop successful strategies and campaigns. Let’s take a look at some of the most frequent marketing missteps and how Sortis can help you avoid them.


Failing to Understand the Target Audience


One of the biggest mistakes in marketing is not adequately understanding the target audience. A deep and nuanced comprehension of your potential customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors is essential. Without this understanding, campaigns can miss the mark, leading to wasted resources and poor returns.


At Sortis, we invest the proper time into market research to create detailed personas. We use analytic tools and research to gather data about your target audience to help tailor your messaging and campaign strategies effectively.


Underestimating the Importance of Content Quality


In digital marketing, content is king. However, some businesses prioritize quantity over quality, leading to subpar content that fails to engage the audience. High-quality content is essential for building trust, increasing engagement, and improving SEO rankings.


With Sortis, you’ll have access to our team of writers who will create custom, accurate, and engaging content for your readers. They’ll focus on creating top-tier, well-researched, well-written, and visually appealing articles.


Neglecting SEO


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often overlooked by businesses who might feel overwhelmed by the complexities or changes to SEO strategy. However, neglecting SEO can lead to low visibility on search engines, which significantly impacts the ability to attract new customers. It can also lead to reduced organic traffic and fewer leads and clicks on your website or written content.


When you work with Sortis, you get experts in the SEO arena. We have decades of experience creating strategies and implementing SEO campaigns to drive organic traffic to your website. We keep up-to-date on all the current trends and content needs to make your SEO strategy work for your business.


Overlooking Mobile Users


With the increasing use of phones for internet browsing, ignoring mobile users can be a critical error. Websites and campaigns that are not optimized for mobile devices offer poor user experiences and can drive potential customers away.


Ensure your website is mobile-friendly with a responsive design. We test all of our website designs before launching them to ensure they work on every browser and on any screen dimension.


Relying Only on Paid Advertising


While paid advertising is a powerful tool, relying solely on it can be risky. Changes in advertising platforms or cost increases can suddenly disrupt your marketing strategy.


At Sortis, we ensure your marketing efforts are diverse and create a mix of strategies. We offer many different services and will tailor our recommendations to your business’s goals.


Not Measuring Performance


Not tracking or measuring the performance of your marketing efforts can lead to repeated mistakes and missed opportunities for optimization, not to mention questions about ROI, performance, and marketing spend and budget.


When you work with Sortis, you’ll have access to analytics tools to measure the success of your campaigns, and also have set monthly analytics meetings so you can follow along with the reports in real time. We’ll set goals and KPI’s to make sure we’re hitting the targets accurately.


If you’re interested in escaping some of these common marketing pitfalls, reach out to the Sortis team today! We’ll go over your company goals, create a targeted and customized approach, and work with you to reach your sales and marketing targets.

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