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7 Graphic Design Trends for 2020


By Taryn Grisham, Senior Project Manager

As technology continues to push boundaries, there’s no question that graphic design trends will follow suit. While it’s impossible to predict what graphic design will look like in 2020, we have some inklings about what’s to come. In this post, we’re highlighting what we believe will set the foundation for graphics in the next year. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for an upcoming website design project, advertising campaign, or social graphics, consider incorporating these graphic design trends into the mix:

  1. Animation
  2. Visual deformation
  3. Color transitions
  4. Three-dimensional composition
  5. Asymmetric patterns
  6. Creative serif fonts
  7. Minimalism

Keep reading to learn more about these trendy designs for the upcoming year below.


With video continuing to make a big splash, it’s not surprising that animation would be a graphic design trend to explore. Social media has also evolved with the popularity of gifs on Twitter, video ads on Instagram, and video-based cover photos on Facebook. When it comes to animation, we recommend exploring animated ads to catch your target audience’s eye amongst a sea of static banner ads. When motion isn’t possible – like for print pieces – experiment with visual illusions that create movement using bright colors and complex patterns.

How to get started with animation:

  • Use cartoon-inspired designs for print
  • Film a commercial using animated characters
  • Add simple animation to your website

Brands who do this well:


When it comes to online graphics, good UX (user experience) design attracts attention. How can you achieve this? Playing with optical illusions and perspective is a great place to start, and the philosophy is simple. Our brains are largely built on patterns. While symmetrical designs may be more aesthetically pleasing to some, others prefer to push boundaries. The peculiarity of deformed design can create a sense of vitality in a picture, even when it might actually be static. This added playfulness helps draw attention to your image more often than less enticing opticals. When your audience notices the intricacies of your design elements and how they come together to create the picture presented, you’ve met your goal.

How to get started with visual deformation:

  • Use shapes and images in an interesting way
  • Design a playful logo with hidden meaning
  • Create an optical illusion in an ad

Brands who do this well:


Known to some as “gradients,” color transitions will continue to make a push in 2020. Use this graphic design trend with expected color combinations (think black and white or blue and violet). Or, take it to the next level with hues that might seem incompatible to the naked eye (think red and purple or navy and black). Color transitions can be used in many forms at varying degrees of intensity, which make them a fun element to add to a website, mobile apps, and ads.

How to get started with color transitions:

  • Add a colorful overlay to an existing website image
  • Play with bright colors in a social media
  • Use color in your logo to make it pop against a white background

Brands who do this well:


Flat designs are easier to create, but they aren’t as interesting to view. As such, we predict a rise in three-dimensional composition popularity over the next year and beyond. An interesting facet to this graphic design trend is that you can incorporate several other trends mentioned in this post to achieve an impactful three-dimensional look. We see 3D coming into the mix more in videos, drawings, logos, and website designs.

How to get started with 3D composition:

  • Create a life-like ad using Claymation figures
  • Create a video short describing an internal process
  • Get creative with 3D in online advertising campaigns

Brands who do this well:

  • Apple holiday commercial
  • YouTube merchandising video
  • Lyft advertising campaign


While symmetry is a trend that stands the test of time, adding a little chaos to it may be equally as popular next year. Look at any downtown skyline for inspiration – any two buildings rarely look alike. This principle works just as well in graphic design. Asymmetric layouts grasp more attention than balanced grid-like ads. It’s okay to let your audience question the location or positioning of text or an image. Piquing curiosity with twists and turns and other imaginative elements can help create visual interest and spark conversation.

How to get started with asymmetric patterns:

  • Create a logo to match a similarly asymmetric-looking product
  • Use various shapes and colors in your website design
  • Create balance to ensure all parts have equal weight

Brands who do this well:


Though font may sometimes be a simple element of graphic design, it’s certainly not the least important. When it comes to logo creation and branding, fonts are at the top of the list. Skip the tired Times New Roman and experiment with more creative serif fonts to add personality and a dash of sophistication. The right font can attract more people and help build your brand’s reputation.

How to get started with creative serif fonts:

  • Use a text-based logo to solidify your branding
  • Increase visual interest by adding color to your text
  • Use all capital letters to make a statement

Brands who do this well:


One of the principles of good design is to attract attention in eight seconds or less. A simple way to ensure that this happens is by implementing the minimalism graphic design trend into the mix. By using limited imagery, ample white space, and selective text, the focus of your design should be crystal clear to your audience. Minimalism used to include mainly black and white, but today more colors are being added to its palette to help expand its possibilities.

How to get started with minimalism:

  • Use ample white space
  • Let your products drive the use of color
  • Implement a simple website menu structure to help consumers easily find what they’re looking for

Brands who do this well:

Are you feeling inspired by these graphic design trends? We’re ready to take your graphics to the next level for an upcoming website design project or digital advertising campaign. Let’s create something beautiful!  Contact our Madison-area team of marketing professionals today to get started.

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