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How Shoppable Posts are Changing E-Commerce


By Matt McCracken, Marketing Specialist

Since its inception, Instagram has been an important social channel to interact and share content with potential customers. But its newest shoppable posts feature is changing the landscape of e-commerce as we know it. Instagram has upgraded from the “link in bio” social strategy to allow users to shop tagged products right in the app.

With this seismic shift in the way users are shopping online, it’s even more pertinent to have a defined social strategy that incorporates shoppable posts. In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways that Instagram’s shoppable posts have changed the e-commerce industry, including:

  • Increased opportunities to generate e-commerce revenue
  • Fewer barriers to purchase
  • More accurate influencer marketing valuations

Below, we’ll explain more about these changes to the e-commerce landscape, but first, let’s learn the basics of shoppable posts.


Shoppable posts are changing the way users interact with Instagram and shop online. These shoppable posts are as simple as they sound. They’re just like the Instagram posts you’re used to, but with the added feature of displaying product information and the ability to purchase products right there in the app.

To purchase an item from an Instagram post, users simply hover over a product to view the tag(s) with the product name and price. Then, they can click on a product they are interested in to be directed to a product page where they can purchase the item – all without leaving the platform.

Instagram has always been an ideal social platform to share stunning images of your products, but this new feature helps turn company Instagram accounts into virtual storefronts. Now, let’s explore how these shoppable posts are changing e-commerce.


If you were to rank the usefulness of social platforms for converting visitors into customers, the original iteration of Instagram might have landed towards the bottom. Before shoppable posts, businesses couldn’t even link to their products in the captions of photos; they could only include a link in their bio. It was iffy at best to think that users would be so enthralled by a product that they’d be willing to take a multitude of next steps – starting with finding the link in a bio, and then tracking down the product on an e-commerce site. At its heart, the former Instagram was a platform where companies could share dazzling product images to help build and maintain a relationship with followers – but it ultimately stopped there.

Now, shoppable posts have completely changed the game for Instagram, making it a viable e-commerce option for generating revenue. Instagram is perfectly set up to take advantage of this new feature that eliminates cumbersome steps and introduces the possibility of immediate conversions. In fact, 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing an ad on Instagram. By eliminating the paid ad banner and giving users the ability to shop right in the post, you could see a significant uptick in social conversions when you use Instagram shoppable posts as part of your e-commerce development strategy.


When it comes to shopping online, any number of barriers can stand in the way of making a sale. Too often, consumers become overwhelmed by a busy website design, confused by a multitude of product choices, or frustrated with slow loading speeds. These poor online shopping experiences can contribute to upwards of $4 trillion of lost revenue from abandoned merchandise in online shopping carts. With abandonment rates climbing as more e-commerce players enter the scene, savvy retailers are poised not only to improve their website performance, but also to offer more ways to inspire potential consumers to make a purchase – without the overload. Enter shoppable posts.

Shoppable posts help brands engage with users on a platform like Instagram, where they feel safe and relaxed. If they’re so inclined, they can click to buy an item that sparks them without distraction or frustration. A simplified and easy-breezy experience is yet another way shoppable posts are changing e-commerce.


As shoppable posts play an integral role in changing the e-commerce landscape, they also have a significant effect on influencer marketing partnerships. Social media platforms like Instagram are where influencers get “face-time” with their fans, and shoppable posts have just given them an effective way to cash in on those interactions. Quite simply, influencers are going to make more money because they can now sell products directly from their photos. Shoppable posts also open the door for influencers who create affiliate programs with larger brands. They can feature multiple products and brands in one post, and have all the items be individually shoppable.

So, what does morE earning power for influencers mean to you? Shoppable posts will help companies get more bang for their buck when they engage in a partnership with an influencer. Before shoppable posts, brands would agree on the terms of a partnership with an influencer based on the engagements they drew because there was no way to tie their influence directly with a sale. With shoppable posts, however, influencers and brands can easily track sales, helping to value influencer partnerships more accurately.

Shoppable posts are an important factor to consider in your social media marketing efforts. They have undoubtedly changed the e-commerce landscape in many ways and will continue to do so as more brands adopt them. To learn more about how to incorporate shoppable posts into your e-commerce strategy, contact our Madison-area marketing experts today.

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