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How to Use Facebook and Instagram Live for Business Effectively


By Taryn Grisham, Senior Project Manager

When Facebook purchased Instagram back in April 2012, we knew it was only a matter of time before we saw similar features roll out on each platform. The birth of live streaming for business was one of them.

Why are businesses getting so excited about Facebook and Instagram Live? For starters, it’s a fun and easy way to use the power of video to communicate brand stories and build authentic relationships with your following – in real-time. Live streaming for business can drive new followers and engagement, as well as help you meet your business goals.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this marketing tool yet, we’re sharing five ways to grab your smartphone and start streaming to help build stronger relationships with your audience:

  1. Give an inside look at your business
  2. Promote an upcoming event
  3. Tease new products or service
  4. Answer FAQs
  5. Engage with your audience

If you’re new to the concept of live streaming for business, we recommend checking out these comprehensive guides which provide helpful step-by-step overviews for Facebook Live and Instagram Live. Keep reading to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram Live for business effectively.


Do you have something inside your office to show off? Part of the beauty of Facebook and Instagram Live is the ability to provide an authentic, real-time look at your day-to-day. Whether it’s introducing key members of your staff or showing followers around a warehouse of products, you can choose what to feature and answer any questions that viewers have along the way.

Pro tip: If you move around while you’re live, beware of background noise and shaky camera syndrome. Both can make it difficult for viewers to enjoy the live streaming experience and actually take away from what you’re looking to achieve. Consider investing in a microphone to keep the sound on you – and not your surroundings – as well as a small tripod or selfie stick to keep the smartphone level while you walk.


If you have a big sale or open house coming up, spread the word using Facebook and Instagram Live. One of the perks is that it alerts your followers the second you go “live” and encourages them to watch. For instance, if your company decided to offer a flash sale, you can quickly alert those who are already using their smartphone or computer (and, in turn, potentially influence some quick purchases!). Or if you’re a new business or a realtor preparing for an open house, use this tool to get the word out and answer any questions your followers might have.


Think of Facebook and Instagram Live as the new age of “show and tell.” If your business is ready to launch a new product or service, live streaming is a social media tool that gets the buzz out and offers loyal fans a sneak peek.

Brands like The Shop Forwardhave been very successful with this tactic. They recently used Instagram Live (and Instagram Stories) to promote a new product in their line over a few weeks. The product had so much demand that it sold out in just over an hour. You, too, could be just as successful!


Followers have questions; you have answers! If you find there is confusion about a particular promotion, event, or product your business offers, choosing to answer questions via Facebook and Instagram Live might help clear the fog. Rather than answering the same question repeatedly on social posts, gather a list of the most frequently asked questions and share those answers in your live stream. This tactic might also provoke other follower questions and help you understand where your marketing – or messaging – has fallen short.

Pro tip: if you’re getting overwhelmed with the comments coming in as you’re live, it’s nice to have another staff member logged into your business account on a desktop computer. They can help you monitor the comments and respond to them while you run the video component of the Facebook or Instagram Live session.


The number of comments on your live session can help Facebook grant a higher relevancy score, making your session more likely to show up on more newsfeeds. Encourage your viewers to comment, and then engage them by quickly answering their questions and calling them out by their name or username. Not only will this strategy encourage greater participation from viewers, but it’s a fun way to include your audience in the “live” experience (which may prompt them to stick around longer).

Have we convinced you to start streaming? Facebook and Instagram Live is just one piece of the social media pie. Find out more information about our social media marketing services here.

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