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Think Outside the Box to Successfully Market Your Business Amidst COVID-19


By Greg Sanders, Founder/Principal

In the US, it has been months since the coronavirus pandemic flipped our lives upside down. Many businesses have pushed ahead into uncertainty, trying to find ways to continue growing their business and marketing to their prospects. But in this climate, it’s wise to think twice about your message so that you’re not doing more harm than good. The only logical way forward is to adapt your marketing strategy to reflect the times we are in.

Should you still be investing in marketing during COVID-19?

The answer: yes!

Despite disruptions in nearly every industry, marketing is still a crucial long-term strategy to reach critical business goals. However, that doesn’t mean you should be operating with a “marketing as usual” mentality, either. Instead, we suggest a new marketing strategy that focuses on addressing the needs and concerns of your target market during this challenging time. To generate leads during COVID-19, you need to get creative.

Creative marketing approaches to connect with your clients during COVID-19

During COVID-19, the best marketing approaches use digital technology to completely transform the way how you talk to prospects and sell your services or products. Here are examples of this technology in action:

  • Add virtual support to your website

Many top-performing lead generation websites have used virtual chat boxes for years to answer prospect questions and invite website visitors to reach out for help. During COVID-19, you can take this idea to the next level by implementing virtual video support. Using a tool like Zoom, visitors can schedule a time to chat with a sales representative through a video conference.

  • Use geo-targeting to send the right message

In our previous blog post, we discussed how geo-targeted marketing is a massive win during COVID-19. This location-based approach allows you to craft specific messages that target clients based on where they are located and how the pandemic affects their area. For places more heavily impacted, you can adjust messaging to reflect the sensitive needs in their location.

  • Connect with webinars or online teaching moments

What’s another way to connect with your clients and keep them involved with your brand? Host a webinar! These online teaching moments can be highly engaging and educational. Discuss a new product/service release, go over tips and advice on using your tools, or even invite an industry expert to discuss a related but not brand-specific topic of interest.

  • Explore other software tools to help you connect

With so many different software and virtual tools available, there are more ways to reach your audience now than ever before. Take this challenging moment in time to test out different marketing tactics and messages to see what sticks. Try new online tools and see how your current or prospective clients feel about them.

Don’t let marketing die during COVID-19! By adapting and thinking outside the box, you can continue to connect with your clients in a relevant and sensitive way.

We are an ROI-based digital marketing agency here to help you during this challenging time. For help transforming your marketing strategy during COVID-19, contact our expert team today.

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