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Company: Bucky Book

Bucky Book

Bucky Book was created nearly 30 years ago as a fundraising initiative for hundreds of Madison, WI-area organizations and University of Wisconsin Badger Athletics and Bucky Grants. Today Bucky Book features coupons from hundreds of local businesses and is used as a fundraising tool by organizations like schools, churches, youth groups, and service clubs.


Bucky Book was in need of a more modern website to replace the outdated one it was relying on when it contacted Sortis.

  • Create new website design
  • Funnel visitors through site based on consumer journey
  • Build simplified search platform
  • Make website mobile-friendly


Today the Bucky Book website is more modern with a simplified search and convenient funnel pages to help visitors find what they need, fast.

  • Mobile- and user-friendly website
  • Visitors can find what they need easier through funnel pages