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Horizon Senior Housing

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Company: Horizon Senior Housing

Horizon Senior Housing

Horizon provides management and administrative expertise to commercial and residential real estate, as well as senior housing. Currently, Horizon manages more than 45 apartment communities totaling approximately 2,500 units in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.


Horizon’s occupancy rates took a hit following the 2008 housing crisis. They sought Sortis’ help in increasing their search engine ranking, and attracting new residents to their properties.

  • Increase qualified leads
  • Grow website traffic
  • Improve building occupancy rates through marketing


Sortis’ marketing efforts helped Horizon rebound in occupancy faster than its competitors, and remain at a high occupancy level today.

  • 124% increase in website traffic
  • 5,000+ website leads in 4 years
  • 129% increase in organic traffic