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eRESULTS: Expect Success

The Sortis process has developed over nearly three decades to adapt to changing technology and our clients’ needs. Our methodology has evolved into what we call eRESULTS. The full methodology is outlined below, but here are just a few of the challenges that eRESULTS overcomes:

If you aren’t achieving the outcomes you are looking for. You see your website as separate from your marketing. Your efforts aren’t centered around business goals. You aren’t testing, evolving, and improving. Or, if you’ve never really had any ROI expectations.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Lisa Koehler

“Sortis came to our rescue. We had developed a new eCommerce site using a platform that decided to close its doors. We needed to move our site quickly to keep it up and running. Sortis moved our entire site …

Product Development
Innocorp, LTD.


Victoria Thomas

“We came to Sortis with an enormous idea. When meeting the team, it was clear we had made the correct choice; we were very impressed. As the project progresses, they have exceeded our expectations at every turn. We started…

Director of Communications


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