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Every 11 seconds a business website gets hacked – is yours one of them?

We'll fix your hacked website in < 6 hours

Our security team and comprehensive scanner can get your website back up and running in less than 6 hours.

We fix all malware, blacklists, phishing, defacements, SEO spam & other issues to make sure you can get back to business immediately.

If not, have you protected yourself from the risk?



Our security experts have fixed hundreds of websites.

We help you fight everything from SQL injections to credit card stealing malware—any security threat that you may face. Never worry about losing customers or website downtime due to hacks ever again.

Get the fastest clean-up in the industry

Stop waiting for a week to resume business. When your website is under attack, every minute is crucial. A delayed response can cost you money, traffic and reputation.

Clean up your website fast with SORTIS SECURE!

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Guarantee complete protection from security threats in the future

Don't just fix your website—get all-around safety with our firewall, malware scanner and security audits, tailored to your tech stack. Detect and combat security hazards before they hurt your website!

Get human help, anytime you need it! Right in Madison, Wisconsin. We work when you do!

Need help with installation? Looking for a solution to a confusing security problem?

Ask our support team, and get help immediately. No 24-hour wait periods. Get answers now!


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To the right is an example from just one of our Sortis Secure clients

Website attacks are now automated.  Look to the right to see how many attacks we stopped, over one week, for just one Sortis Secure client!

Clean up and/or protect your website fast with SORTIS SECURE!