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Website Security

Did you know that every 11 seconds, a business website falls victim to hacking? Is yours one of them?

Don’t worry, because Sortis has just the solution for you! Our team of security experts is here to fix your hacked website in less than six hours. Yes, you read that right, less than six hours!

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to getting your website back up and running smoothly. With our comprehensive scanner and cutting-edge security measures, we’ll tackle all malware, blacklists, phishing attacks, defacements, SEO spam, and other issues that may be compromising your website’s integrity.

We’ve fixed hundreds of websites over the years, and we know exactly how to combat security threats, from pesky SQL injections to credit card-stealing malware. With Sortis Secure, your website is in good hands!

Support When You Need It - Protection for the Future

Say goodbye to the hassle of losing customers or experiencing website downtime due to hacks. Our prompt response and fast clean-up services ensure that you can get back to business immediately. We understand that every minute counts, so why wait for a week to resume your operations? Trust us to get the job done swiftly, efficiently, and with the utmost professionalism.

And that’s not all — once your website is back to its pristine state, we guarantee complete protection from future security threats. Our robust firewall, advanced malware scanner, and thorough security audits are tailored to your specific tech stack, ensuring all-around safety. Our goal is not simply to fix your website but to provide you with long-term security that safeguards your online presence.

Our dedicated support team is also available whenever you need assistance. No more waiting for 24 hours or struggling with confusing security problems alone. Just reach out to us, right here in Madison, Wisconsin, and we’ll be more than happy to help. Whether it’s installation guidance or finding solutions to your toughest security challenges, we’ve got your back.

So, don’t take any chances. Protect your valuable online assets and ensure the uninterrupted success of your business. Reach out to us now and experience the exceptional security services offered by Sortis Secure!

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Every 11 seconds a business website gets hacked – is yours one of them?

We'll fix your hacked website in < 6 hours

Our security team and comprehensive scanner can get your website back up and running in less than 6 hours.
We fix all malware, blacklists, phishing, defacements, SEO spam & other issues to make sure you can get back to business immediately.
If not, have you protected yourself from the risk?


Our security experts have fixed hundreds of websites.
We help you fight everything from SQL injections to credit card stealing malware—any security threat that you may face. Never worry about losing customers or website downtime due to hacks ever again.

Get the fastest clean-up in the industry

Stop waiting for a week to resume business. When your website is under attack, every minute is crucial. A delayed response can cost you money, traffic and reputation.
Clean up your website fast with SORTIS SECURE!

Guarantee complete protection from security threats in the future

Don’t just fix your website—get all-around safety with our firewall, malware scanner and security audits, tailored to your tech stack. Detect and combat security hazards before they hurt your website!

To the right is an example from just one of our Sortis Secure clients

Website attacks are now automated. Look to the right to see how many attacks we stopped, over one week, for just one Sortis Secure client! Clean up and/or protect your website fast with SORTIS SECURE!