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Finally, a Road Map to Bring Back Business Sales Amidst COVID-19


By Greg Sanders, Founder/Principal

During this unprecedented time of economic and social disruption, businesses are struggling to understand how and when to continue their marketing endeavors. Being sensitive without ignoring the situation or attempting to profit from it is a fine line for many businesses, but it is an important one to follow. While we might not know exactly when to resume marketing as usual, geo-targeted marketing is the way to go during the interim. This marketing approach can help you successfully connect with your audience at the right moment amidst COVID-19.

What is geo-targeted marketing and why is it important during COVID-19?

Geo-targeted marketing is the process of crafting different messages based on your audience’s geographic locations. It is often used in advertising to reach local audiences or specific regions of the country. However, it can also relate to other marketing tactics, such as email, in which you craft tailored messages to reach segments of your audience.

This method of marketing is especially useful during the challenging times of COVID-19. While the pandemic has spread across the United States, its impact is quite different in different areas of the country. Understanding how the virus has changed user behavior and interests in these specific locations can be leveraged to tailor high-impact messages that reach your audience at the right moment in time.

How to use geo-targeted marketing to your advantage

So, how exactly can you use geo-targeting amid COVID-19? This approach requires you to combine multiple marketing tactics into a seamless campaign. First, you’ll want to review your audience and segment them into different groups based on both location and their relationship with your business.

Next, you can use a map to locate their area and pinpoint their needs and interests relative to how the pandemic is impacting them locally. We can then help you use this information to craft specific messaging that targets each of the segments based on local COVID-19 restrictions and other interests and needs in their area. Using a variety of different mediums, such as email, advertising, social media, and more, you can be sensitive to the current situation while still being relevant to your target.

We are an ROI-based digital marketing agency here to help you during this challenging time. If you’d like assistance implementing geo-targeted marketing within your marketing mix, contact our expert team online or call 608-301-5230⁩ extension 227 today.

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