ANIMART/Animart Pet Stores

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Company: ANIMART/Animart Pet Stores

ANIMART/Animart Pet Stores

ANIMART is a provider of animal health and veterinary products, and show equipment for dairy and livestock producers. They also have a retail pet store and veterinary clinic brand, Animart Pet Stores.


ANIMART reached out to Sortis with the goal of increasing revenue, as well as increase the profitability of its retail pet store.

  • Grow revenue at both ANIMART and Animart Pet Stores
  • Cut down on expenses


Sortis provided ANIMART and Animart Pet Stores with management and mentorship, as well as content creation, website consulting and development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and business consulting to help the brands grow and thrive.

  • 8.3% increase in revenue for Animart Pet Stores
  • Increase in in-store customer satisfaction
  • 20% decrease in expenses for Animart Pet Stores